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Alexi Jordanov  
4915 Edouard Montpetit
Montreal, QC  H3W1R1
Mobile: +1 514 444 4306  
Home: +1 514 572 8715
Resume ID: 53523205    Resume Headline: Project Manager / Senior Software Developer   
OBJECTIVE: To contribute to a successful company, doing what I love to do and I am good at, offering innovative approaches, qualitative architecture, design and code, meeting deadlines, testing of software products and solutions.
SKILLS: Skill Name Skill Level Last Used/Experience
Java/Swing/Web Expert Currently Used/7 years
C/C++/Visual C++ Expert Two Years Ago/4 years
SQL, T-SQL Expert Currently Used/3 years
*more: technologies, certificates, articles, and awards.
EXPERIENCE: 1/2005 - Present Compuware Montreal/Quebec
System Architect (MorganStanley Consultant)
- Staff Central, Personal Data Update

Responsible for software architecture, design and implementation of business and presentation tiers; transaction monitoring and maintenance.

Staff Central and Personal Data Update are enterprise software used by Human Resources to hire/rehire people, process employee profiles, update employee status and personal data, performance evaluation, transfer employee from one to another cost center, compensation, termination, etc. These HR solutions follow the multi-tier design patterns:

Client tier: Internet Explorer / Firefox, HTML, Java Script, AJAX.
Presentation tier: Spring (or Struts) as MVC web framework.
Business tier: SOAP services for entitlements, employee information, and transaction management; and Savvion as a workflow engine.
Integration tier: People Soft Component Interface, Sybase JDBC drivers.
Resource tier: People Soft, Sybase databases.

Initiated by branch processors (or by employees themselves), transactions follow a specific approval workflow and finally are updated into People Soft. The information confidentiality and reliable completion of all transactions are guaranteed. Technologies are Java, SOAP Services, XML, Savvion, JSP, Spring, Struts, Tags, AJAX, Swing, Ant, T-SQL, Unix, etc.
9/2000 - 1/2005 ProSyst Bulgaria Sofia
Project Manager
Responsible for project planning, architecture design, and implementing company standards and guidelines.
- Home Appliances Management

Responsible for the design and development of recipes module for ovens in Home Appliances Management system. The recipes module is used to create custom recipes, to download professional recipes from the Internet, to edit built-in, internet and custom recipes (name, category, description, number of persons/portions, ingredients, cooking parameters, steps and heating modes), and finally to start them on an oven. The back-end of Home Appliances Management is our OSGi Web framework, with a set of components like HTTP service, MVC similar to Struts, portal applications, jsp files and java scripts, components tag libraries. The front end is a web browser running on Tablet PC. The pushlets technology provides dynamically update of web pages.
- OSGi Set Plugins (Windows/Linux)

Responsible for the design and development of OSGi Set Plugins for Eclipse (and other IDEs). They are specifically being designed to be used by Java developers working in the field of embedded devices, helping them to generate code for their bundles, packing, deploying and testing them into an OSGi framework. Both SWT and Swing versions are available.
- SMA (Windows/Linux)

Responsible for the design and development of PDA gateway agent. An agent provides a service provider with remote access to PDAs installing, removing, starting and stopping of services, monitoring of system and plugged devices (CPU, memory consumptions, processes, threads, LAN card, batery, etc). It protects the OSGi framework on these devices from the Java VM failures and restarts it when necessary.
- Financial Reports (Windows)

Responsible for the design and development of a financial tool based on Microsoft Project. It reads reported tasks and hours and generates various kinds of reports project cost, resource loading, etc. The results are used as feedback to decrease superfluous project expenses and to improve project management. The report tool is written in Visual C++ (MFC&ADO). It is part of a larger Web project written in Java (JSP, Servlets, Java Script, HTML).
- PCVS (Windows/Linux/Solaris)

Responsible for the design and creation of a CVS client written in Java. The CVS is one of the most popular control version systems allowing the simultaneous work by more than one developer on shared projects and keeping track of all files revisions. It is written in Swing and runs on all available platforms.
- Java Debugger & Profiler (Windows/Linux/Solaris)

Responsible for design and creation of tracing and profiling tools for Java developers. Native agents written in C/C++ are used to set breakpoints, suspend and resume threads, collect information and etc. The front end of the testing tools is written entirely in Java/Swing/ and communicates with native agents via socket or shared memory. These tools helps the Java developers to find quickly bottlenecks, to optimize CPU and memory consumption and to achieve reduction of time to market.
1/2000 - 9/2000 ProSyst Bulgaria Sofia
- TeamWork (Windows/Linux/Solaris)

Responsible for the design and development of graphical user design, client /server protocol, transaction management, caching and different kind of storages (relational and object data bases, file systems) of ProSyst mBeddedBuilder control version system. ProSyst mBeddedBuilder is one of the Java/OSGi IDEs on the embedded devices market. It is written in Swing and runs on all available platforms.
5/1997 - 1/2000 Sigmatron LTD. Sofia
Electronics Engineer and Software Developer
- High Precision Functional Generator based on Motorola's MC68HC11 microcontroller /8 analogue channels, 5 digital channels, sweep, wide band width, programmable from PC via RS232 interface/
- High Precision Measurement Modules /Voltage (0-5V,0-10V,-5-5V), Current (0-20mA,4-20mA), Pt100, Thermocouples/
- Desktop Information System collecting information from electronics devices (BC01, FlowGauge, MTC16, MTC32, USA, HTC, etc).
EDUCATION: 7/1997 Technical University Bulgaria-Sofia-Sofia
Master's Degree - Electronics Systems
7/1991 High School of Mathematics Bulgaria-Dobrich-Dobrich
High School or equivalent - Mathematics and Computer Science
LANGUAGES: English, French, Bulgarian, Russian
REFERENCES: Reference Name: Hristo Stanchev
Reference Company: ProSyst Bulgaria
Reference Title: CEO
Phone: +359 888 732728
Type: Professional
Reference Name: Arman Laleyan
Reference Company: University Of California - Los Angeles, USA
Reference Title: Programmer/Analyst III in Department:
"Health Information Technology Systems"
Phone: +1-310-794-3021
Type: Personal
Reference Name: Vladislav Doshev
Reference Company: Wizcom
Reference Title: Senior Programmer
Phone: +359 899 417917
Type: Personal
Reference Name: Stoyan Voutov
Reference Company: Sigmatron Ltd.
Reference Title: CEO
Phone: +359 887 284470
Type: Professional
Private Projects:
- J2Exe - Generates exe files for Java applications, provides access to tray bar and creates Windows services wrappers.
- Bookmarking (Web.VU Inc., Austin, TX, USA) - Web project for storing and management of user bookmarks across the internet. The data is displayed in Windows Explorer style. Dragging and dropping operations are included.
- Auction (Web.VU Inc., Austin, TX, USA) - The Auction is a part of EStore Web project. It is developed as Struts application that handles user requests, process them and return back results as web pages. It uses Tomcat as servlet container and Microsoft SQL Server to store auction data.

Java, Swing, JSP, Spring, Struts, Tags, SOAP Services, XML, Savvion, JDBC, Ant, C/C++/VC++, SQL, T-SQL, Unix, AJAX, Java Script, HTML.

- Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) 5.0
- Sun Certified Web Component Developer (SCWCD) 4.0

- DevX: Build "Win-tuitive" Java Applications
- J2EEWorld: How to make exe for our Java Applications?

- (1989) 1-st place at the regional Software Programming Contest
- (1993-1996) Grantee of foundation "EURIKA"

Desired Salary/Wage: 6,500.00 Per Month
Years of relevant work experience: 8+ to 10 Years